The Spaces that take you places...


Maitreya Festival is renowned for the activated spaces we create for you to experience and share in over the weekend, these are the spaces that take you places!


After ten years we realised that Maitreya Festival is at its heart about these journeys, not about the name, or international standing of the musician playing at that time, but really about the experience, the places those spaces take you and your friends!


We can’t wait to announce our un-rivaled music line up over 3 stages including international and local talents. We want you to embody the ultimate aurel experience and for any of you that have attended in the past you know this space is one that is going to take you on a journey like no other.


Drop all your expectations, unlabel urself, unbrand urself, and come ready to transform urself!


Maitreya Stage


Featuring 25 of the world’s best international psychedelic trance and progressive trance masters, the Maitreya Stage thumps out positive vibes on big speakers from Saturday morning till Monday sundown!


The most driving, energetic, bouncy, unusual, dark, and cosmic dance music sounds of the festival dominate the vibe at the Maitreya Stage.


An other worldly, occult, far out, thelemic, extraterrestrial, epiphany experience is cultivated throughout, with lights, lazers, fire, artwork, and the most unique people of the festival on hand to whip up a storm of shennanigans from start to finish!


A dance powered spaceship on route to another dimension of experience and wonder awaits all those who join the journey! Our biggest and best lineup ever!


Yapanay Stage


Featuring 25 of the world’s best, and some of Australia’s best deep house, tech house, and progressive techno masters.


The Yapanay Stage goes deep into the underground hypnotic world of dance electronica from Friday afternoon till Monday sundown!


Silky smooth synthesiser sounds over earth shaking bass tones characterise the Yapanay Stage sound, moving from upbeat summertime grooves, to dirty fun big bass tech house, and driving un-stopable loop based techno monster stomperz! A space for transformation, activation, and study in dance based creation and communication!


Tyrille Stage


Featuring 5 international, and over 40 local big bass music acts from Friday afternoon till Monday sundown!


Tyrille Stage liftoff and flight is powered by the wobblier more funky genres of dance music, from glitch to hip hop, dubstep, dnb, electro crunk, swing, turntableism, broken beat, down beat, and all round bass heavy booty shakin madness!


Expect this baby of a stage to grow quickly now its on a diet of big bass music and earthly groove, becoming an epicentre of funk and fun forevermore! Hosted over the entire weekend by fun makers of the moment Culture Jam, the underground’s most avant garde collection of unique freaks and frisky beat makers!


Dress up in your sunday best for tea and cocktail parties gallore all weekend long!


Maitreya Festival