10th Anniversary mtission! To Infinity and beyond!

The Stotry So Far


Maitreya Festival emerged from the cosmic counter culture organic superfood soup bowl ten years ago! We have been through some incredible experiences and some which we are looking to transform and grow from.


The ultimate intention was to provide a global platform for investigation into the self, the setting within which we live, and the places we might be able to go together as a species of intrepid travellers and explorers! Any revolutionary platform without art and dancing we feel is definitely not one worth having, so we wanted to present you with an all inclusive, immersive, visual and aural experience!


Over ten years of world class underground electronic music talent, chasing the biggest names in the festival art world to assist you in your transformations,  we have also been transformed! In our tenth year and beyond we hope to embody that transformation, and share our experience in direct connection with you all. Letting our actions speak louder than our words at every step of the way!


As we delve further into the mystery,  we want to lose all the labels, break down all the conventions, uncover the bullshit, unbrand, seek new perspectives and ultimately continue to transform ourselves! We invite  you to come on the same journey! You don't think you need the labels either! Don't get caught in the hype or a pigeon hole, your better than that, and can be so much more than that! Together we can be so much more than that! We create Maitreya with  clear intent, free from judgement, supportive to all people in a place where we can create, connect and truly feel at one with all on earth and beyond.


We ask that once you enter the space created, that you leave behind old beleif’s and connect with people and the environment on a heart level.


Unbrand, unlabel, unchain, unshackle, unlock, unhinge, undress, go back underground, unwind, and just be!

From this point of view and platform we can connect, explore, celebrate our uniqueness, and transform ourselves for a better world!


Maitreya is not affiliated with any one culture, religion, gender or agenda. We welcome everyone of every kind, one of all and all of one, embracing those of all genders, races, shapes, faces, religions and non believers. We do not follow any one paradigm yet encompass and welcome only those persons that can embody true acceptance of all people, creatures and environments, free of judgement, awareness of those around them, themselves and the environment in which you roam.



We thank you all for your continued support in our collective desire for a heart centered truly ecstatic experience.


Maitreya Festival